Building industry and infrastructure

The complete information on the products available on CONSOLIS Polska's website: 

CONSOLIS Poland is currently the biggest and the newest company of concrete prefabrication manufacture in Poland. Our production range focuses mainly on pre-tensioned hollow core slabs, pre-tensioned TT slabs, the frame elements of buildings (beams, girders, columns, walls and facades), bridge beams, acoustic noise barriers and elements of road infrastructure. 

CONSOLIS Poland is also a leading manufacturer of prefabricated elements in building underground infrastructure. The company specializes in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete prefabricated mains gravitation and compression transmission of various types of media (salty mine-waters, municipal and industrial waste), including the area where mining harms occur. 

The company provides all the necessary assistance in investment planning, designing and realization. Thanks to the years of experience, the products offered are being manufactured under the highest standards.


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