The basic activity of WPS S.A. is the manufacture of different types of sleepers. Beside that, the company produces concrete turnout sleepers, elements of prefabricated railroad crossing surface of “Miroslaw” type and other elements for railway infrastructure. 

The production is based on modern technology, characterized by automation—the guarantee of constant and high quality of products. The stability of forms guarantees preservations of products’ repeatability. The system of concrete reinforcement comes with high durability. Thanks to the experienced and qualified staff our products meet certificate requirements of the Rail Transport Department (UTK) and the Railway Scientific and Technical Centre (CNTK). The products are manufactured in accordance with “Technical Requirements of Execution and Receipt” (“Warunki Techniczne Wykonania i Odbioru”) given by Directorate General of PKP (Polish State Railways S.A.).

In 2004, the company applied and gained the certificates of standards for quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management systems ISO 14001:2004. In 2010, the system of Factory Production Control (FPC) has also been applied. These management systems guarantee our clients the highest, stable quality and compliance with all legal requirements concerning manufactured products and the company’s effect on the environment.