Wytwórnia Podkładów Strunobetonowych

About us

WPS S.A. (Pre-tensioned Sleepers Production Plant) in Miroslaw is one of the biggest manufacturers of sleepers, turnout bearers and railway crossings in Poland. The plant produces also tram sleepers and prefabricated foundation piles for electrical traction poles and noise barriers placement. 

We use a modern technology which quarantees correct and repetitive parametres of production and the higghest quality. Our products have certificates of Railway Science and Technology Centre and Railway Transport Office required by PKP (Polish State Railways). The comapny has implemented and certified an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the plant's quality control.

The plant is one of the main supplier of .sleepers, turnout bearers and railway crossings for modernization of the most important railways included in international contracts AGTC and AGC, i.e. defining nominal minimal speed 160 km/h for passenger trains, 120 km/h for freight trains, and the tension of 22,5 tonnes an axis.

WPS S.A. joined Consolis Group - a leading producer of prefabricated products in Europe providing versatile solutions for construction industry and other infrastructure-oriented projects.

The offer dedicated for railway transport consists of:
- railway sleepers PS-94, PS-94M, PS-83
- bridge sleepers 
- wide rail sleepers 
- tram sleepers PST95M, PST99M, PST94M, PST98M
- turnout bearers SP-93
- prefabricated railway and tram crossing surface type "Miroslaw"
- prefabricated foundation piles for electrical traction poles, noise barriers placement etc.